Meet Erin Kortum

Certified Nutrition Coach and CrossFit Trainer

 Bachelors in Sports and Health Sciences
(concentration in Exercise Science)

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Certified Nutrition Coach

“Everyone has the ability to write their own story. My goal is to help you write a story you are excited to tell.”

Hi, I’m Erin founder and owner of Be Greater Nutrition. Welcome! Chances are if you are here you are ready for change. Awesome!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  You can’t out exercise a bad diet.

You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “But Erin, I workout so I can eat whatever I want.”. Boy, how I wish that was true! The reality is for most of us to get the results we want, exercise is not enough.

This is where a nutrition coach comes in. My goal is to teach you how to make your food work for you, not you working off your food.

My own journey with nutrition and fitness allows me to relate to my clients on a very personal level. That’s right! I’m a real person with the same types of roadblocks and struggles many of my clients experience. I’ve been out of shape. I’ve had weight to loose. I’ve had muscle to gain. I’ve struggled to stay motivated. I’m busy. I don’t always make time. 

When I say I get it, I really get it!    



This program is different.  This is not a diet.  This is a lifestyle.

A common sense approach to eating a balance of quality food to reach your goals.  We give you the tools and the support, you do the work.

The typical macro counting nutrition program only gives you the numbers to hit and the rest is up to you. We take it further.  We want to reconnect you with REAL FOOD.  You will create healthy habits which will last beyond the short term goals and create a balance between aesthetics, performance, and health for the long-term.


Join our one-on-one nutrition coaching program.



One of the awesome things about having a nutrition coach is the support you receive and it isn’t always about food! Developing a relationship with your coach is important. So, let’s get to know each other. 

If I’m not coaching at the gym you can usually find me in the barn with my dog, Huck, and my horse, Tate, or tackling one of many DIY projects. My husband and I love DIY. We aren’t afraid to tackle some big projects! A complete gut and remodel of our current home and renovating a 35+ year old barn are some of our largest projects to date. Currently we are tackling a ground up renovation of a 1970 31′ Airstream. She doesn’t have a name yet so suggestions are welcome!

In addition to coaching (CrossFit and nutrition) I am a professional photographer. In recent years most of my photography projects center around my own business but I still take on one or two outside projects a year. You know, only those projects that really let me stretch my creative side 🙂

I’m a wife.  A mom to a fantastic kid, 3 dogs, and one horse. I drive a big diesel truck and I can pull (and backup!) anything you want to attach to it. Someday I want to live in a tiny house (on a few hundred acres). I would rather buy tools or equipment (a skid steer is top of my list) than clothes, shoes, or jewelry. My idea of getting dressed up is not wearing gym or barn clothes and slapping on some mascara. I’m a total introvert who dreams of being an extrovert. I have more ideas than time and I would love to have 24 more hours in a day. I definitely don’t have it all figured out but somehow that ends up being the best part. 

I am passionate about what I do and my goal is to help others change their lives with nutrition and fitness. I am so glad you found your way here and I look forward to getting to know you!