naked wheyOne of the most common questions I get from both my nutrition clients and athletes in the gym is, “Do I need a protein supplement?”.  The short answer….no.  The long answer….it depends.

Nobody NEEDS a protein supplement.  There is nothing in a protein supplement that you can’t get from eating REAL FOOD.  However, there are times when using a protein supplement might be appropriate for you.

So, when are those times?

Superhuman athletes.  If you are training like a beast in the gym and trying to gain muscle, get stronger, improve performance, etc then a protein supplement, at the right time, might be something you need.  For athletes who are trying to mass gain eating the required amount of protein everyday can be a challenge.  Adding a protein supplement can aid these athlete in reaching their desired daily intake.

Superhuman on the go.  Protein supplements are NOT a replacement for REAL FOOD.  If you can eat real food you should eat real food.  However, real life.  I get it…work, kids, etc…we are always on the go.  If you are making your best effort to prep food and plan ahead but still falling short of your daily goals adding a protein supplement might be for you.  If having a shake ready to go keeps you from skipping meals, hitting the drive thru, or making other poor choices then find the best quality supplement and use it.

If you are going to use a protein supplement make sure it is a good one. As always, check-in with your coach for suggestions on timing and type before adding a protein supplement.

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