scaleRemember when I told you to weigh yourself everyday and then forget it? Easier said than done, right?

Let me tell you a story.  The other day I stepped on the scale, like I do every morning, and recorded my weight.  Up almost 5lbs!!  WHAT?!  I knew I had been solidly hitting my numbers and nothing had changed.  If I was gauging success on the scale I would be completely discouraged.  I stepped off the scale and took a quick look in the mirror.  Huh, still looks like I’m on track.  So what gives?  Taking my own advice to heart I recorded my weight and forgot about it.

The next day I stepped on the scale.  Whoa!  down 1/2 a pound from where I had been trending for almost 2 weeks!  My lowest weight so far! Quick glance in the mirror….feeling like a lean super hero!

The scale can fluctuate more than 5lbs a day!  That’s right….a more than 5lb difference from one day to the next.  What really matters (and what your coach looks for) is the trend over time.  Weigh, record, and forget it!

Trust your coach.