Please fill out the questionnaire, enter your weight, measurements, and upload your “before” photos.

But why photos?! Oh you caught that huh?  We know this might not be the most comfortable task. We get it! However, seeing changes in body composition is essential for our coaches to make the best decisions for your program. Plus, you will want to know where you started! Measurements, weight, and photos are MANDATORY. Trust us, in 6 months you will be really happy you can look back at your progress!

We put together a few tips below to help you gather this information.


Take photos at the same time of the day, location, and camera.

Ladies, wear a sports bra or bathing suit top and compression shorts, bathing suit bottoms, or underwear. Gentlemen, please wear compression shorts or underwear.


3 measurements are required; chest, waist, hips. Using the same location for future measurements is important so make a note how you took your “before” measurements. Chest measurement should be made at the fullest part of the chest/bust. Waist measurement at natural waist (bend slightly to the side to find your natural waistline). A hip measurement should be made around the widest point.

Personal Training - New Athlete Profile

  • 1= fast food junkie 10 = health food obsessed
  • % carbs, protein, and fat if known. If you do not currently track macros please list food intake for a typical day.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Protein powder, BCAAs, creatine, fish oil, multi-vitamin, etc.
  • Be as comprehensive and honest with your answer as possible. Include short-term and long-term goals.