meal-prep“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Are you ready for the most important tip for success with this program?

PLAN AHEAD.  That’s it?  Simple right?  Here are some quick tips to help you plan ahead for each day and week.

Tip #1:  Log early. Log  In the morning or even the night before look through your refrigerator and pantry to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the entire day.

Tip #2:  Log before eating.  ALWAYS log food before eating.  There is nothing you can do if you get to the end of the day and end up over your numbers.

Tip #3:  Food prep.  Cooking protein and carbs to last several days is a great way to save time each day.  Throwing extra chicken on the grill while making dinner or a tray of sweet potatoes in the oven takes little extra time but ensures there are good food choices available to grab and go.  Leftovers are your friend!

Tip #4:  Always have a fail safe.  We get it, life is busy!  Having a few extra meals in the freezer ready to grab and reheat can be a lifesaver on busy days. A high quality protein supplement is a great fallback to have on hand.  While not an ideal meal replacement it is far superior to grabbing junk from the drive-thru.  Toss in the blender with some frozen berries (raspberries are high in fiber) for a quick solution.  Nutrition bars are another option but beware the high calorie, low volume trap that will leave you short on available macros and still hungry.

Image:  Cutting Board by Lynn Chang from the Noun Project